Housing Trends: Single Family “Build to Rent”

build to rent

Is a new model of innovative housing coming our way? The limited supply of residential property in Florida, particularly in the Tampa Bay region, has peaked over the last two years, given the arrival of many new residents to our community.1 The Tampa metro area had some of the largest net domestic migration gains in […]

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Relying on Text or Email Exchanges to Secure a Real Estate Contract? Don’t!

Real Estate Contract

Much of our communication takes place via email or text message. In the current real estate market, minutes matter when making a purchase offer. As a result, realtors and their clients may rely on text messages and emails to communicate quickly. But realtors and agents should be cautious when using text messages and emails in […]

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SAY GAY: Fentrice Driskell Advocates for LGBTQ+ Equality

Fentrice Driskell Advocates for LGBTQ+ Equality

On this year’s National Day of Silence, MLG formally denounces Florida’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay Bill” and offers hope in the form of future leadership for LGBTQ+ youth. The Day of Silence[1] is a national student-led demonstration where LGBTQ students and allies take a vow of silence to protest the harmful effects of harassment and […]

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Diversity and the Economy: An Integral Connection

Diversity and the Economy

How does diversity and inclusion affect business? In our previous blog “Diversity Cannot Be Dismissed,” we discussed how the Florida Supreme Court’s decision to essentially withdraw its promotion of diversity is a detriment to crucial progress being made within the legal profession. However, as many might not realize, diversity and inclusion matter in a financial […]

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Three Legal Issues Faced by Artists Today

Artists legal issues

Artists focus on creating works and cultivating their art. Their studios are filled with canvases and paint or sculpting hammers and clay. They rarely contain a stack of law books.  However, artists are often exploited because they are not prepared to navigate the legal hazards typical in their profession. We will explore three legal issues […]

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Diversity Cannot Be Dismissed

Diversity Cannot Be Dismissed

Has the Florida Supreme Court withdrawn its support for the promotion of diversity? On April 15, 2021, the Supreme Court of Florida amended the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar to prevent continuing legal education (“CLE”) credit from being given to courses created in accordance with the American Bar Association (“ABA”) model policy[1].  The ABA Diversity […]

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Artificial Intelligence: What is Its Impact on the Law?

Do you know who monitors artificial intelligence (AI) and how it aligns with the standards of fairness required by the law? Tech has made America its beta tester of AI, which makes the answer to the question of vital importance. Discover how AI works and the legal concerns that arise from its use. In this […]

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Reflections on 2021 and the State of Business in 2022 Through the Lens of The Great Resignation and Gender Equality

The Great Resignation and Gender Equality

2021 has seen society globally and locally disrupted and transformed in micro and macro ways. Our corporate and business clients are adjusting and transforming because the new normal is continually evolving. The Great Resignation began in 2021, and stats demonstrate it is closely tied to issues of gender equality. The numbers also show it isn’t […]

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New Real Estate Contract Changes Presented to Realtors

Codding real estate presentation

Massey Law Group attorney Jennifer Codding presented a seminar regarding new real estate contract changes to local realtors on October 28. The event, sponsored by MLG, True Blue Title, and VanDyk Mortgage, was held at the Feather Sound Country Club in Clearwater.   Codding is one of MLG’s strategic litigators and senior counsel. Her practice […]

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Real Estate Contracts Changing In Florida on November 1, 2021

Real Estate Contracts

Recently announced changes to the Florida Realtors/Florida Bar Contract for sale and purchase will go into effect on November 1, 2021. Buyers and sellers will see numerous revisions to the previous contract. Seven updated riders and three entirely new riders, including mold inspection, seasonal/vacation rentals, and pace disclosure, will be added.    The new contract […]

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