Celebrating Collaboration, Freedom, Art, and the LGBTQ+ Community

Art is expression. It allows the artist and the public to consider their lives within our complex social and political climate. For the LGBTQ+ community, the art of drag performance expresses the freedom and fluidity of sexuality and gender.  In celebration of the Collab at 3833’s two-year anniversary, we hosted a special event, “The Art […]

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Lauren D. Kerr of Massey Law Group Achieves Florida Bar Board Certification in Construction Law

Dedicated to achieving a heightened level of excellence through character, professionalism, ethics, and credibility in the practice of law ST. PETERSBURG, FL, September 5, 2023 – Massey Law Group, P.A. (MLG), a law firm focusing on real property, business law, and commercial litigation, is pleased to announce that Lauren D. Kerr, MLG Attorney of Counsel, […]

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Understanding Florida Time Limitations and Florida’s Recent Changes Impacting Construction Claims

Statutes of Limitation A statute of limitation is the period in which a person may file a lawsuit arising from a certain event.  One of the primary purposes of a statute of limitations is to “protect defendants from unfair surprises and stale claims.”[1]   The statute of limitations begins to run from the time the […]

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Forced Forfeiture of Residential Property and New Florida Laws

Florida Statutes §§ 692.203 and 692.204 On July 1, 2023, several new Florida laws restricting the ownership and transfer of properties in Florida took effect.  One such law is Fla. Stat. 692.203, wherein a “foreign principal” is prohibited from owning any property (or having more than a de minimus interest therein), including residential property, within […]

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MLG Welcomes Lauren D. Kerr as Attorney of Counsel

Massey Law Group, P.A. (MLG) welcomes attorney Lauren D. Kerr to the team. Lauren is an experienced and engaging litigator with a wide-ranging background in civil litigation and construction law. Her dedication to her clients and resolving cases efficiently sets her apart from her peers. Lauren truly enjoys working diligently toward and achieving her clients’ […]

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Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney to Buy or Sell a House?

When making one of the biggest purchases of your life, it’s best to be well prepared.  If you’re not attentive to the details throughout the buying and selling process, you sometimes become aware of problems or missed opportunities when it is too late. Having a real estate attorney on your team sets you up for […]

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What Does Florida’s New Legislation on Homeowner’s Insurance Mean for Lenders, Investors, and Property Owners?

Senate Bill 2-A

Senate Bill 2-A While Senate Bill 2-A (SB 2-A) has been touted as incentivizing insurers to insure Florida real estate by eliminating the risk of insolvency for insurers, this Bill provides a dramatic change in how claims are handled by insurers.  This change will arguably impact property owners and lenders when it comes to evaluating […]

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2022 Reflections and Predicted Wins for Women’s Workplace Equality in 2023

What happened in 2022 as the workforce (and workplace) continued to shift? And how has it moved the needle on workplace equality for women?   Much has changed since the pandemic’s start — from how companies do business to where employees work and how work-life balance is defined. The shift has been seismic, and the […]

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Housing Trends: Softening Real Estate Market in Tampa Bay

Housing Trends Softening Market in Tampa Bay

Homeowners in Tampa Bay have enjoyed a booming housing market over the last few years. On the other hand, prospective homebuyers looking to move into the Tampa Bay area have faced inflated housing costs, bidding wars, forced inspection waivers, and repeated outbids by cash investors. According to recent trends, Tampa Bay buyers may see a […]

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Housing Trends: Condo Hotels

What is a Condo Hotel? A condo hotel, also known as a condotel, is legally categorized as a condominium but operates as a hotel. Units within the condotel are owned by individuals and are available for personal use or, in most cases, also as short-term rental spaces.    Sometimes, these units are sold “turn-key” and […]

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