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Business Law Firm Offering You a Traditional Firm Alternative

Client Focused

The traditional law firm model has endured and worked for many clients and attorneys, but it has also yielded dissatisfied clients, who feel they have overpaid on services that were underdelivered.

Our model does not incentivize attorneys to maximize hourly billing. Instead, attorneys are incentivized to provide you with creative, collaborative solutions and the rapid resolution of disputes. Our clients receive unparalleled access to their primary attorneys, who utilize their extensive legal experience to help you achieve your goals.

Superior Results

Clients want an attorney who can be on their team long term and can assist with a variety of business legal issues. Our experienced, talented team is equipped to provide paramount representation in all aspects of your business, including transactional matters and complex litigation.

MLG attorneys provide an array of legal expertise, tailoring our services to meet your needs. We offer a full range of services, specializing in corporatebusinesscommercialreal estate and litigation, and nonprofit law. Through a policies and procedures-driven practice and utilization of cutting-edge technology and data security measures, we deliver the highest quality services and results.

Innovative Culture

Massey Law Group is a unique law firm in that we embrace relationship-based legal services. We are successful because we see our clients first and foremost as people.

A woman-owned business law firm, MLG advocates for the empowerment and success of our clients, employees, affiliates, and community. Our attorneys are committed to serving our clients while working within an atmosphere of transparency and mutual respect, with a firm that values their work-life balance.

Commitment to Justice and Equality

In addition to providing the best advocacy and legal services to our clients, we promote and encourage collaborative, positive change within the legal community and community at large. We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion and are committed to working with legal and community organizations to create space to share challenges and successes in these efforts.

Our contributions to the movement for diversity and racial equity must include grassroots organizations, government, and our community. We are focused on the goal of developing a robust program to ensure that the professionals that comprise MLG reflect the diversity within our broader community and the clients we serve.

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