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Our relationship-based legal services set us apart because we take time to understand our clients’ goals on a personal level and treat their businesses like our own.

MLG works with national and local business owners to develop and ensure the integrity of their companies. Our attorneys are hands-on in creating corporate structures, business models, and policies and procedures for our clients that will minimize tax liability and litigation risk. Utilizing their robust resources, MLG attorneys provide strategic planning to achieve the overall success of our clients’ businesses.

In working with national corporations, we assist with the implementation of new legal practices, policies, and procedures in compliance with often complex, nuanced regulatory and statutory schemes. When faced with new governing laws and implementation challenges, our clients rely on our expertise to provide legal interpretation and practical guidance.

We work hard to ensure our clients’ success when confronting the ever-changing landscape of potential litigation. Additionally, MLG offers on-site training for management and employees, as well as assistance with drafting policies, procedurals, operational manuals, and employee development programs.

Our attorneys work closely with business owners to ensure that the corporate structure meets their personal and professional goals, protects their assets, and provides for growth and tax planning.

Rather than focus on maximizing MLG’s revenue through a cookie-cutter, high-volume practice, our focus is on delivering individual and unique client service that provides a direct and efficient path to meet your goals.

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