The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Practice of Law

There is a proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the legal space. However, there are no state or federal licensing schemes for AI technology. In this, the first of three primers on Artificial Intelligence and the Law, we explore the impact of AI on the practice of law.


Masheika Allgood, AI Ethicist and founder of AllAI, and Starlett Massey, founder of Massey Law Group, joined together to discuss:

 • Tips for determining if AI is the proper tool for the intended purpose

 • Risks of using AI for legal research, drafting, and litigation assistance

 • Liability lawyers face when AI tools go rogue


How does artificial intelligence affect the legal system?

Our discussion explores how AI gathers data to create a representation of the world. AI is being used for predictive analytics for case outcomes, document review, risk assessment, legal research, contract analysis, and much more. However, AI was not created specifically for use in legal decision-making. Therefore, there are ethical concerns about using one-size-fits-all technology in the law.


“There is a difference between social bias and technical bias, and we are often trying to use AI systems to technically solve social bias problems,” says Masheika. In cases where AI is used, there is a disconnect between individuals who are part of a minority and those who are not. The risk of bias is that machine learning models are not inherently objective. Instead, they are trained on historical data, which enshrines all of our history, including our biases.


Through these primers, we explore and expose the ways AI can cause harm to people — and how and why AI systems do not have the capacity to engage in the kind of comprehensive analysis that underpins legal decision making. Understanding the kinds of analysis AI is suited for, and knowing where AI is being integrated within the law, can help us better navigate the impact the technology is having on our profession.


We encourage you to get involved in the conversation, discover the role of AI in the legal profession, and watch now.

Available as a free Florida CLE 1-hour technology credit through January 31, 2025. Florida attorneys may contact Starlett Massey for the course number to obtain their credit.

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