“The Art of Healing” Performance Approved as Continuing Legal Education (CLE) by The Florida Bar

Florida CraftArt “The Art of Healing” Performers

The Florida Bar recently approved “The Art of Healing” performance as an opportunity for continuing legal education (CLE). Attorneys can view the performance to earn one hour of CLE credit on bias elimination. The performance is designed to increase awareness about tolerance, acceptance, and racism in our communities.

Healing Through Art

“The Art of Healing” is an original Florida CraftArt production that premiered live in February 2020. The Pinellas Chapter of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers (PFAWL) sponsored a virtual performance in September 2020. PFAWL’s mission is to promote the advancement of women in the legal profession, committing to issues concerning our legal community, especially to the challenges of women.

“The Art of Healing” virtual performance was moderated by the Honorable Charles Williams, Circuit Court Judge in the 12th Judicial Circuit. Judge Williams has received several awards for his work promoting diversity, equality, and justice.

The virtual performance featured four ten-minute video presentations on inclusion, equality, and racism. Black and white performers use acting, dance, poetry, and music to communicate and encourage change, hope, and love in our society. Q&A sessions with the performers also featured a rich dialog about the messages, themes, and personal meanings of the performances.

Learning Through Art

“The Art of Healing” is a collaborative project offered to the legal community and the community at large to contribute to the effort to overcome racism and injustice. All of us, whether in the practice of law or in any industry, are subject to unconscious biases that can cloud decision-making. This emphasizes the importance of bias elimination training and awareness for everyone. “The Art of Healing” encourages learning and healing through conversation.  It offers a unique perspective for communicating and making positive changes in oneself and the community.

The virtual performance is available for free to Florida attorneys seeking CLE credit in bias elimination. Organizations are also welcome to view or present the performance to their members at no cost.


Massey Law Group and Florida CraftArt extends their gratitude to Jim Webb and the team of The Webb Works, LLC, for filming and producing the video of “The Art of Healing” event.

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