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MLG’s Healthcare Practice Group focuses on solving problems for healthcare providers, facilities, and organizations. Whether issues arise in the form of medical malpractice litigation, liability analysis, licensure questions, risk management concerns, or any of the many and varied topics that arise in a healthcare setting, our client-first, proactive risk management approach produces efficient, effective results.

Our holistic analysis style helps our clients identify not just the solution to the problem at hand, but what factors led to the challenge to begin with so that it can be avoided in the future. Our clients receive unparalleled direct personal access to their counsel for any of a broad range of needs:

  • Medical Malpractice Litigation: Initial investigation of potential incidents, pre-suit litigation representation, trial services, and in-house appellate representation for facilities, providers, and physician groups.
  • Risk Management Support: Analysis of patient safety and risk concerns independently or arising from existing litigation, drafting of policies and procedures to support risk mitigation, general advice, and guidance.
  • HIPAA/Privacy Law Analysis: Advice and counsel regarding state and federal laws Protected Health Information.
  • Subpoena/Deposition Representation: Analysis and defense of third-party subpoena responses, third-party deposition representation.
  • Education and Training: Development and presentation of in-house training services for individuals or groups on risk mitigation issues, discovery response, deposition preparation, documentation, just culture, zero harm/high reliability, and other requested topics. This service is often provided free of cost to clients depending upon the breadth of engagement.
  • General Liability/Bodily Injury Litigation Representation: Personal injury, premises liability, discrimination, negligence, and general insurance defense representation.
  • Behavioral Health: Wrongful Baker Act analysis and representation, Marchman Act advice and counsel, oversight agency, and regulatory advice.
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