Florida Creditor’s Rights Bankruptcy Attorney and Foreclosure Services

MLG provides national and state-wide creditors and lenders with all-encompassing litigation services related to enforcing creditors’ rights.

We rely on our regimented policies and procedures-driven foreclosure practice to ensure that our clients meet all regulatory standards and avoid the pitfalls of inadvertent non-compliance. Our attorneys and staff are committed to ensuring that all consumer customers are treated with dignity, respect, and the opportunity to engage in loss mitigation.

As a third-party vendor to lenders regulated by the CFPB, MLG is in compliance with all debt collection practices laws and regulatory schemes. As part of our efforts to best serve lenders and creditors, we utilize the highest level of data security and information technology available.

MLG also assists banks and lenders with the development and implementation of new forms, policies, and procedures to ensure compliance with governing regulatory and statutory schemes.

When faced with evolving regulations and governing laws, our clients rely upon our legal expertise to assist with implementation challenges. Additionally, we offer on-site training and webinars for our clients’ management and employees. MLG attorney’s expertise and dedication ensure our clients’ successes when confronting the ever-changing landscape of litigation.

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