Network Professionals International (NPI) Profit Partners Chapter Appoints Jennifer Codding Program Chair

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Jennifer Codding, a strategic litigator and senior counsel at Massey Law Group, was recently appointed Program Chair for the Profit Partners chapter of Network Professionals International (NPI). The NPI chapters consist of local business owners and professionals who wish to grow their businesses through networking and referrals. Members are guaranteed professional category exclusivity and help to cultivate and grow each other’s sales, contacts, and resources.   

The Profit Partners chapter of NPI is based in Pinellas County, Florida. During its weekly meetings, a member speaks about their business and shares their professional experience. As the program chair, Jennifer is responsible for coordinating the weekly presentations and introducing the spotlighted member. 

As a Profit Partners chapter member, Jennifer, who focuses her practice on real estate transactions and litigation, meets and networks with a variety of professionals. These include real estate, home inspection, accounting and financial services, insurance, chiropractic medicine, criminal law, personal injury law, marketing, electrical and plumbing contractors, and pest control industries. The relationships built through NPI not only offer referral opportunities, but they also provide members the moral support and practical advice for managing, operating, and growing their businesses.  

“I’m proud of the professional relationships I’ve developed with my fellow NPI chapter members,” said Jennifer. “Recently, I was able to reach out to another member for guidance on a topic related to their industry, and I was able to quickly get an accurate answer. NPI offers members a wonderful opportunity to interact and network with industry professionals that we might not otherwise have the chance to meet.”  


COVID-19 Intensifies the Mission of Network Professionals International 

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted how businesses and organizations function and operate. The Profit Partners chapter has adapted to the changing business environment by switching their usual in-person meetings to virtual Zoom meetings. The pandemic has also increased the need for professionals to have a network who can advise and refer clients to each other. In this time of uncertainty, when many businesses are struggling to change their practices and meet their customers’ expectations, the benefits of NPI are magnified.   

If you’d like to learn more about Network Professionals International, please visit their website or contact Jenniffer Codding at

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