Why I Support John Schifino for Judge

John Schifino and Starlett Massey at the campaign fundraiser

I met John several years ago while attending my first conference on diversity and inclusion. I was shocked to hear a man speak with such humility and expertise on women’s issues. 

Our community and legal system need judges who do not just want to protect us but want to create a community where we do not need protection.

Shifting our focus to understand issues better, connect with others, and educate ourselves on the circumstances that lead to dilemmas we face in our community and courtrooms is the kind of world that John envisions. 

John believes that running a courtroom requires the ability to listen, the patience for details, and the compassion to help those dealing with life-altering situations. For almost 25 years, John has represented clients on both sides of the courtroom, and he understands the lasting impacts on individuals and their families. 

John also believes that our judicial system is a sacred institution, and it should always remain fair and accountable to those who call Hillsborough County “home.”

Recently, it was my distinct honor to introduce John and host a fundraiser for his campaign. Guests included John’s family, friends, colleagues, and supporters as well as voters who wanted to find out more about the candidate. My introduction included his bio — and while you can read about his extensive experience, you need to meet the man.   

John makes time to engage with our community to better understand people and the issues they face. From the moment I met him, I knew that John was a genuine ally to all.  He is willing to engage in difficult conversations on difficult subjects, and he does so with grace, kindness, and respect.

Discover more about John, and learn about his commitment to justice and service to our community.

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